Monthly Archives: February 2010

Don’t let winter get you down

This week it is very apparent that winter still has some kick left.  If you’re anything like me you have been patiently waiting for winters’ end but it’s wearing on your last nerve.  I decided to give some tips for making it through this last bout with winter and keep your sanity. Tip #1 Go [...]

Drink Yourself Thin or Drink Yourself Fat

Drink Yourself Thin OR Drink Yourself Fat I am often surprised at how few people take into account things they drink toward their daily Calorie consumption. What also surprises me is how warped our understanding of calories in liquids can be. The biggest shocker by far is our understanding of fruit juices.  Because they are [...]

How to achieve consistent and predictable weight loss

There are very few of us that have settled into our ideal weight.  We struggle to get our bodies to drop the unwanted pounds.  Suffering through cardiovascular exercise bouts that would make a marathoner grow weak.  Eating tofu, low fat, zero carbs, or even a grapefruit diet to find the trick to losing weight.  It’s [...]

What makes us fat? Fat vs. Sugar

Fat intake vs. Sugar intake The answer here is “BOTH, EITHER, and NEITHER.” That is pretty helpful of me to make it so clear.  ) Let me explain it better so you can have the knowledge to choose your own path. There have been diet revolutions based on limiting both of these macronutrients (fat and [...]

What to eat?

I get this question a lot so I figure this is a great place to answer it for the public.  I’m not going to talk about what not to eat and why.  Maybe another post.  (this is something you should NOT eat by the way) WHAT TO EAT? My first response to this question is [...]

Over-resting or Under-resting?

I was reading a cheesy success book (like I do alot) and came accross a great quote.  “Without rest, a man cannot work.  Without work, the rest does not give  you any benefit.”  – abkhasian proverb It struck me that such a simple phrase sums up a lot of weight issues.   Have you been spending [...]