Monthly Archives: March 2010

Out to Dinner Eating Tips

Sarah and I are on a week off from training.  (the groups needed a break, I’ll talk about recovery some other time)  We have been visiting family and spending great time together.  We went out to eat at the olive garden.  And I couldn’t let the opportunity go without making you guys a quick video.   [...]

10 Minute Workout

The Year My Life Changed

I’m just going to put the video up and let it speak for itself. Any comments?  I would love to know what you think of this.

Slim for Summer – New Opportunity

For the locals: Do you want to be thinner by summer? While having some extra size might win you a belly flop competition or two, it really isn’t where most of us want to be. Well, summer is coming. Will you be ready?  The time to act is now. I figure we have about 3 [...]

Could this fix your Back, Hip, or Knee Pain?

I have a awesomely helpful video I did on my new Flipcam.  I got it just so I could get more videos on this blog for you.  (Here is a story that goes with it) I have to be completely honest with you, to the point of embarrassment.  I sometimes don’t follow my own advice.  [...]