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Protected: April Boot Camp Finale!

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Metabolism Secrets – Part 2

In part 1 we discovered the thermic effect of food and how we could benefit by eating more often throughout the day. Hopefully you are working on this one. (I have had many clients start doing this and they lose weight, they also say they don’t get as crazy hungry) One other interesting fact I [...]

My embarrassing admission

This might be TMI but I’m going to share it anyway. This is embarrassing to share but I’m real like most people. I don’t do everything right.  I don’t want to share this with you but I think it might help some people through my sharing so here I go. I hit a real low [...]

Metabolism Secrets – Part 1

This is going to be awesome!  I’ll start with a little background… I was discussing the thermic effect of food with the workshop instructor the other weekend.(Sarah and I went to a personal training workshop…constantly staying educated to give you the best!) I asked her about some specifics (scientifically proven).  I’ve heard a lot of [...]

“Make Vegetables Delectable”

Do you remember the hidden valley ranch commercial? I was thinking about the challenges with getting people to eat the right foods and not crush them with a brick of cheese or a stick of butter.  I remembered the hidden valley ranch commercial. There are lean healthy active kids eating ranch dressing by the gallon [...]