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First…. Thanks for coming to the seminar!  We hope it was very benefitial to you.  I skipped the last slide that had some BONUS material on it and I felt bad.  So, I videoed myself presenting it so you could get the last couple ideas.  Also… In the rush I didn’t mention the phone coaching [...]

Cause of New York Earth Quake 2010!

Many of you have heard about the New York Earthquake that happened yesterday.  13 Wham News reported feeling the shake at 1:41 pm June 23rd, 2010.  Apparently it was a 5.0 earthquake with an epicenter in Quebec, Cananda.  Unfortunately, I know the truth about this earthquake.  And I want to appologize before I go into [...]

My Big Not-So-Fat Greek Yogurt

I stumbled onto it and love to try new things.  Even though the price was more than the average brand I thought I would treat myself to something new.  The first bite I took I wanted to instantly spit out.  It tasted like something I imagine a baby would vomit up!  Needless to say it [...]

Protected: June Week 3 Boot Camp update

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The HUGE Mistake You Are Currently Making

It’s uncomfortable to have to say it but it must be said, that many of you (not all) are making a mistake right now!! A BIG mistake to be sure.  We all make mistakes from time to time (like the person who painted this road), but this one can be avoided pretty easily.  So what’s the [...]

Protected: June Boot Camp – week 2

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What I hate most about my job! (can U help me?)

  I am loving this job.  I love watching people reach their goals, get stronger, look awesome, and feel great!     There is one thing about this job that I…     DESPISE!!!     I hate saying no to someone who is really seeking help with their weight loss.  I hate having to say, “maybe you’ll get in [...]

Protected: June Boot Camp – Week One

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