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Grandma Hattie’s Tea Parties at the Historic Dryer House Emporium, Victor, NY

Sarah and I stopped by just after they openned.  (Kathleen “Grandma Hattie”  is one of our friends).  It was wonderful.  The food was good and pretty healthful too.  It is possible to eat there AND stay on your weight loss plan.  The Historic Dryer House is an AWESOME old house on Main Street in Victor NY.  [...]

Italian with an Asian twist!

That’s right Italian with an Asian twist.  Be brave and try some new flavors. Food SHOULD taste good.  I don’t believe we should spend the rest of our lives eating rice cakes, tuna and celery.  Thank goodness we can have tasty things that are healthy too.   We promote lifestyle change by eating better quality foods in [...]

Protected: July Half Way – Boot Camp Update

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Canandaigua Personal Trainer Reveals Secret Method To Lose 2x the FAT!!

Hi, I’m Canandaigua Personal Trainer, Jeremy Biernat.  I got a Quick post for you about how you can lose 2x the Fat in less time!! Who doesn’t want that? Here it is….Resistance Training I know, weird, not cardio?… Nope!… It is resistance training.  This is why your friends who always go out for epically long [...]