Monthly Archives: October 2010

Pumpkin Workouts

Not your Average Pumpkin workout I’ve seen some “gimick” workouts that are cute but don’t work you hard.  This one is HARD.  You will get a great workout from something like this.  Working out with a odd shape heavy object is very challenging and if done improperly can lead to injury.  Make sure you have [...]

The Ultimate Scary Movie

This is the ultimate scary movie.  Make sure you don’t watch it just before bed or you will certainly have bad dreams. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! We hope you enjoyed the video.  The “SLED” aka Rosy aka vomit comit is a very challenging workout.  We are pretty sure there are people already afraid of it in our [...]

Are you thinking ahead?

It’s been a uniquely challenging week for me.  The main reason for this was the death of my grandmother.  (my Dad’s mother) She died 1:20 am Tuesday Morning.  I actually found out while getting ready for boot camp tuesday morning (4:30 am).  She is in a much more confortable place now.  (she had been in [...]

Can you live on $17 a week?

     That’s what Sarah and I will find out this month.      Why?       Our friends (Bryan and Christin) are doing a one year mission, we are missing them quite a bit.   They are limited to $17 per person per week for food.  (they also get $60 spending money per person/month which includes cleaning supplies, toiletries, and any optional [...]