Monthly Archives: November 2010

My “Rocky” Thanksgiving Workout

There are no limits to WHEN or WHERE you can exercise.  This Workout is a good example.  We were at Sarah’s Parents for Thanksgiving day.  Sarah spent the night and I got there real early the next day (7 am).  By the time I got there Sarah had already completed an impromptu workout so I [...]

Gratitude = More to be grateful for

  What Are You Thankful For? Gratitude is a big part of the thanksgiving holiday.  (that and eating until it hurts)  And don’t think I won’t.  We suggest no one “DIET” on thanksgiving day.  Enjoy relax and eat all your favorite food.  Just get back on track on Friday and it won’t hurt your results.    [...]

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What your thin friend hasn’t told you

    EAT THE FOOD YOU LOVE and LOSE WEIGHT!! Just in time for holidays.  How to eat the foods you love and lose weight.  It’s holiday time and people will often GAIN 5-10 pounds over the next 6-7 weeks.  That typically means a 500 Calorie per day increase in eating, usually coupled with “I’m [...]

What all successful weight loss clients do

I love to put workouts and recipes on this blog but today I’m not doing that.  I want to encourage you to keep pushing working and achieving.  This post is about that space between the ears.  Motivation and Inspiration isn’t a one time deal.  It’s not a shot you can get and then for the [...]