Monthly Archives: May 2011

The Finalists!!!

By decision time we had recieved 30+ entries. All were so compelling, we wish we could have selected them all! We actually increased the number of finalists to 5 but couldn’t go any higher.  To those who did not make it: We are so sorry we didn’t pick you all, we absolutely wanted to.  We [...]

Fast, Easy and Healthy Fruit Dip

Warm weather is finally here..well it is supposed to be anyway.  The fresh produce is all around us!  Here is a quick and easy fruit dip that is healthy too.  It would be  great to take to those upcoming picnics this summer. FRUIT DIP 1 cup plain greek yogurt. Chobani is my favorite. 1-2 tbsp. clover [...]

Exercise VS. Nutrition – Who is the weight loss king?