Vote – June Finale

After only a month of Work!!!

On top of a record setting month for the boot camp classes (most weight lost by the entire program – 349.2 pounds in one month!!), we also had the summer challenge contestants pulling out some incredible results.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can visit the initial website that described the challenge:

Or read the 5 finalist’s entries and before pictures!  (Click Here)

If you’ve been following keep reading -

First, about the voting:

  1. Voting is open NOW (like now!) until Monday June 27th at 6 pm.
  2. Only 1 vote per person (we will be checking email addresses)
  3. Anyone can vote, (does not have to be local) so tell as many people as possible!!! (email this page to them or facebook it)
  4. If you don’t know either of the contestants it is even more crucial for you to vote to make sure it isn’t just a popularity contest.
  5. The Voting form is at the bottom of this page. (before you vote check out the results!!)

The contestant with the least votes will workout at home and be eligible for the second prize while the one with the most will go on to the next month of the challenge.

Here are the % weight loss numbers in order:

  1. Leslie – 7.2% (17 pounds!)
  2. Lori – 5.6% (12.4 pounds!)
  3. Linda – 5.1% (14 pounds!)
  4. Cathy – 4.4% (11.2 pounds!)
  5. Katie – 2.8% (6.4 pounds!)
  • The contestant with the lowest % weight loss is automatically out of the running for the grand prize.
  • The next two are up for the vote.
  • While the top two are automatically moving on to the next month.

Here are the 2 that scored the highest and are immune to the vote!


Leslie - 17 pounds lost - 7.2% weight loss

Lori - 12.4 pounds lost - 5.6% weight loss



Let’s look at the 5th place winner (remember they all won a month of boot camp over a LOT of other people)


While not losing the most as far as percent weight loss she has lost more inches than any other contestant!!!  If the competition were based on that she would be the champion (inches is what people SEE when they look at you, they don’t know how much you weigh!).  More than 5 inches lost in her hips is unheard of in one months time!  Awesome work Katie, we are very proud of you!!


Lost 6.4 pounds (2.8 % of her body weight)

Lost 1.1% Body Fat

Lost – 4.5 inches in her chest, 2.6 inches in her waist, and 5.05 inches in her hips!!

Video of Katie’s Journey:

Good luck at home and we will see you back each month of the challenge for an update as you continue your journey.  Katie still has a chance at winning a month of boot camp if she is the at home winner!  If you feel inspired you can comment and leave some encouragement for Katie or any of the other contestants.

Now let’s look at the two up for the VOTE!!!

Contestant 1 – Linda


Lost 14 pounds (5.1 % of her body weight)

1.7 % body fat

2.6 inches at the chest

2.85 inches at the waist

1.65 inches at the hip

plus 1.65 inches at the arm!

Video:  Let’s hear why Linda still wants to be in this competition!


Contestant 2 – Cathy


Lost 11.2 pounds (4.4 % of her body weight)

1% body fat

1.5 inches at her chest

.6 inches at her waist

1.3 inches at her hips

Video:  Let’s hear why Cathy still wants to be in this competition!



Now it’s time for the Vote:

Remember the two you can vote for are Cathy and Linda.

Put your name, email, and your vote for who you think should stay!

Warning: We just realized you must verify your email address for it to count, you’ll get an email “We got your vote-Verify to get results!” – you must click the link in there for us to officially receive your vote (otherwise we won’t know who you voted for!) then you’ll get a “You just Voted!!” email and you can rest easy knowing you have helped out your contestant.  (if you’ve been with us for awhile you should only get the “You just Voted!!!” email)

Linda or Cathy

Post it to facebook and email it around that’s what is going to determine the winner!  Good Luck Contestants (we wish we were keeping you all!!)

Facebook comments:


  1. Tamela Cayward
    Posted June 25, 2011 at 3:48 am | Permalink

    I wish to vote for Linda. Not sure if the link to vote is working properly. I tried it twice and got two email notices that I downloaded your ebook. While I have done this in the past and it has valuable info, that was not what I was trying to do today. So throw my vote in the hat for Linda. Best of luck to you!

  2. Posted June 25, 2011 at 10:16 am | Permalink

    Thanks for letting me know. We got your earlier votes and hopefully now I fixed the form so you get a “you voted” message instead.

  3. Posted June 25, 2011 at 12:19 pm | Permalink

    Had an error- if you voted before 8:20 am I might have lost it. The fix I did dropped the vote. If you get an email saying “you voted” then we got it.

  4. Traci Lewis (5:30pm class)
    Posted June 25, 2011 at 2:30 pm | Permalink

    Good Luck to Linda and Cathy you are doing a good job! Keep it up.

    But I really want to give a BIG HIGH FIVE to Katie, WOW!! I have never met you but your story and determination to change your life is wonderful. I know you can continue to do this at home with no problem. You yourself said there is always a way to find the time to fit in that exercise. And by those AMAZING inches you have begun to lose, it seems you are figuring out the nutrition much better than I,lol.

    If you had been able to continue in the “summer challenge bootcamp” you would of so kicked the others butts!! So you go and show them and yourself that you can do this outside of the bootcamp walls. I am so behind you cheering you on to your new healthy goal and new happy life.

  5. Dawn
    Posted June 26, 2011 at 1:21 am | Permalink

    First of all i want to commend you all for entering and surviving your first month of bootcamp. Your stories are all so real. Katie your story brought tears to my eyes. I will be praying for you to continue. Jeremy has a great 10 minute video that i have used many times. You can do it! To Linda and Cathy, Great job ladies! Good luck to both of you. Dawn

  6. Barb Topel
    Posted June 28, 2011 at 12:20 pm | Permalink

    Way to go Linda – I am so proud of you!

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