After 2 Months of Boot Camp…

Our 3 contestants have lost a combined 80.2 pounds!!

{If this is your first time hearing about a contest, these pages will help catch you up:  The initial website that described the challenge:  5 finalist’s entries and before pictures! (Click Here)

If you’ve been following keep reading -

Here are the % weight loss numbers in order:

  1. Lori – 6.5% (13.6 pounds!)
  2. Leslie – 6.0% (13.2 pounds!)
  3. Linda – 4.0% (10 pounds!)

Here is the contestant that scored the highest this month and is immune to the vote!

Lori After 2nd Month - Lost 13.6 pounds this month!

Now let’s look at the two up for the VOTE!!!



Contestant 1 – Linda

Linda at the Start

Linda Today – 24 pounds lighter!


Lost 10 pounds this month (4.0 % of her body weight)

Two months together she’s lost…

24 pounds Total!!

2.6 % body fat

1.55 inches in her arm

3.3 inches at her chest

3.4 inches at her waist

2.25 inches at her hip

1.1 inches at her thigh

Video From Linda:


Contestant 2 – Leslie

Leslie at the Start

Leslie Today - 30 pounds lighter!


Lost 13.2 pounds this month (6.0 % of her body weight)

Two months together:

30.2 pounds Total!!

2.1% body fat

1.2 inches in her arm

2.8 inches at her chest

2.85 inches at her waist

3.0 inches at her hips

2.5 inches at her thigh

 Video from Leslie:

Story about Linda and Leslie:Linda and Leslie work together AND are both members of the 4:15 pm Boot Camp.  This is tough to have them both up for elimination.  They are both awesome ladies if you don’t know either of them please VOTE, this is going to be very hard on mutual friends!

Now it’s time for the Vote:

First, about the voting:

  1. Voting is open NOW (like now!) until Sunday July 31st at 2 pm.
  2. Only 1 vote per person (we will be checking email addresses)
  3. Anyone can vote, (does not have to be local) so tell as many people as possible!!! (email this page to them or facebook it)
  4. If you don’t know either of the contestants it is even more crucial for you to vote to make sure it isn’t just a popularity contest.
  5. The Voting form is at the bottom of this page. (before you vote check out the results!!)  Make sure you confirm yourself in an email you receive from us or your vote won’t count because we won’t be able to see it!! 

The contestant with the least votes will workout at home and be eligible for the second prize while the one with the most will go on to the next month of the challenge.

Remember the two you can vote for are Leslie and Linda.

Put your name, email, and your vote for who you think should stay!

***make sure you confirm your vote through an email we will send you***

Linda or Leslie

 Post it to facebook and email it around that’s what is going to determine the winner! Good Luck Contestants (we wish we were keeping you both!!)

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    Thank you so much Jeremy for putting a “nicer” picture of me up!! :) I am really not a mean person, but my original before pic looks like it!! Good luck ladies!

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