Welcome to Live Life Ready.com

My name is Jeremy and my wife is Sarah (and our dog is Stella).

We are newly married, are both big readers, and don’t watch TV (Except for biggest loser or Food Revolution on Hulu.com).  Our clients fill us in on current events or we just go online.  We value our time together and our relationship above all else (mostly all else you might find an exception below).  Hopefully you will see that in our posts.  (if you don’t see that then let us know so we can do better).  We work together in a Personal Training and Boot Camp Business (www.talltrainer.com) and we wanted to be able to reach more people with more information so we started this blog.

“Live Life Ready”

Has a lot of meaning for us.  It is about being prepared for anything.  We enjoy doing active things and being in shape allows us to be able to do anything at anytime.  We are always “Ready”.  It’s a fun state to be in.  Knowing you can handle what’s coming and be willing to take on opportunities and adventures.  We aren’t perfect in any way.  (Sometimes I’m not ready, but we try not to let that last).

We like being ready Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Financially, and Spiritually.

The last one sometimes freaks people out.  We aren’t crazy touchy feely people.  (as you will see in the blog posts).  We are both Christians and we value living a life that is ready for the life to come!  We will occasionally post spiritual references and maybe a full on Biblical inspiration and guidlines post.  I make no appologies, only that I am saddened if something like that offends you, but I will not be sorry that I shared it with you.  God gave us this free country and you are free to read other websites.

The Goal of this Blog

Our goal is to give you information to help you lose weight, live financially smart (ready), and Pump you up mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

We want to be a place of great information delivered in a mater of fact way.  To break down the complex concepts into east to understand examples.

We also want to be a place where you can get energized and encouraged to live your best life, to live life ready.