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My “Rocky” Thanksgiving Workout

There are no limits to WHEN or WHERE you can exercise.  This Workout is a good example.  We were at Sarah’s Parents for Thanksgiving day.  Sarah spent the night and I got there real early the next day (7 am).  By the time I got there Sarah had already completed an impromptu workout so I [...]

Pumpkin Workouts

Not your Average Pumpkin workout I’ve seen some “gimick” workouts that are cute but don’t work you hard.  This one is HARD.  You will get a great workout from something like this.  Working out with a odd shape heavy object is very challenging and if done improperly can lead to injury.  Make sure you have [...]

Canandaigua Personal Trainer Reveals Secret Method To Lose 2x the FAT!!

Hi, I’m Canandaigua Personal Trainer, Jeremy Biernat.  I got a Quick post for you about how you can lose 2x the Fat in less time!! Who doesn’t want that? Here it is….Resistance Training I know, weird, not cardio?… Nope!… It is resistance training.  This is why your friends who always go out for epically long [...]

Exercise in a tight schedule (cool exercise idea)

I got an email a little while back that really tugged at my heart. Jeremy, I have become a prisoner in my body. I use to be a Varsity swimmer and triathleate. Although I have been in a weight loss program for over a year, I’ve actually been putting more weight on. I’m a college [...]

Butt Exercise – How is your Butt like an Onion?

Weird question huh? And no it’s not because they both STINK! One of my clients referred to a nice butt as an onion butt.  “it’s so perfect it makes you want to cry.” That’s the kind of butt I would be proud to wear.  Sometimes Butts are too big or too flat or too funky.  [...]

10 Minute Workout

Could this fix your Back, Hip, or Knee Pain?

I have a awesomely helpful video I did on my new Flipcam.  I got it just so I could get more videos on this blog for you.  (Here is a story that goes with it) I have to be completely honest with you, to the point of embarrassment.  I sometimes don’t follow my own advice.  [...]