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Your will power WILL fail you unless…

New Years… …a time of big hairy audacious goals.   We set some Whoppers don’t we?  There is no doubt we can “wish” BIG.  The only problem is we fall short and fail – give up and have to set another CRAZY goal next year.  A quick story to illustrate… Goal setting guru Zig Ziglar tells [...]

Gratitude = More to be grateful for

  What Are You Thankful For? Gratitude is a big part of the thanksgiving holiday.  (that and eating until it hurts)  And don’t think I won’t.  We suggest no one “DIET” on thanksgiving day.  Enjoy relax and eat all your favorite food.  Just get back on track on Friday and it won’t hurt your results.    [...]

What all successful weight loss clients do

I love to put workouts and recipes on this blog but today I’m not doing that.  I want to encourage you to keep pushing working and achieving.  This post is about that space between the ears.  Motivation and Inspiration isn’t a one time deal.  It’s not a shot you can get and then for the [...]

Are you thinking ahead?

It’s been a uniquely challenging week for me.  The main reason for this was the death of my grandmother.  (my Dad’s mother) She died 1:20 am Tuesday Morning.  I actually found out while getting ready for boot camp tuesday morning (4:30 am).  She is in a much more confortable place now.  (she had been in [...]

Can you live on $17 a week?

     That’s what Sarah and I will find out this month.      Why?       Our friends (Bryan and Christin) are doing a one year mission, we are missing them quite a bit.   They are limited to $17 per person per week for food.  (they also get $60 spending money per person/month which includes cleaning supplies, toiletries, and any optional [...]

The HUGE Mistake You Are Currently Making

It’s uncomfortable to have to say it but it must be said, that many of you (not all) are making a mistake right now!! A BIG mistake to be sure.  We all make mistakes from time to time (like the person who painted this road), but this one can be avoided pretty easily.  So what’s the [...]

My embarrassing admission

This might be TMI but I’m going to share it anyway. This is embarrassing to share but I’m real like most people. I don’t do everything right.  I don’t want to share this with you but I think it might help some people through my sharing so here I go. I hit a real low [...]

The Year My Life Changed

I’m just going to put the video up and let it speak for itself. Any comments?  I would love to know what you think of this.

Don’t let winter get you down

This week it is very apparent that winter still has some kick left.  If you’re anything like me you have been patiently waiting for winters’ end but it’s wearing on your last nerve.  I decided to give some tips for making it through this last bout with winter and keep your sanity. Tip #1 Go [...]

Over-resting or Under-resting?

I was reading a cheesy success book (like I do alot) and came accross a great quote.  “Without rest, a man cannot work.  Without work, the rest does not give  you any benefit.”  – abkhasian proverb It struck me that such a simple phrase sums up a lot of weight issues.   Have you been spending [...]