Spicy Yogurt Chicken

If you are like many when you are trying to loose weight you go right to boneless skinless chicken breast.  It’s fine for about a week and then you don’t want to see another piece of chicken for a year, and your family is grouchy because all they ever eat is CHICKEN!!

Here is a tasty simple recipe for chicken that is loaded with FLAVOR!

Spicy Yogurt Chicken


1/4 cup plain greek yogurt

1/2 tablespoon lemon juice

1/4 tablespoon of olive oil

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 tablespoon chili powder

1/8 teaspoon ground cumin

1/8 teaspoon ground coriander

1/8 teaspoon black pepper

Dash of cinnamon

2 (4 oz.) boneless skinless chicken breast

Cooking Instructions:

In a large bowl, whisk together all the ingredients, except the chicken.  Add the chicken, coating well, marinate at room temperature for 20 minutes.  Heat a skillet over medium heat and cook for 10-12 minutes, turning once, or until chicken is cooked through.  You can also throw these on the grill:)

Estimated nutrition per 4 oz serving:

163 calories, 4g fat, 28g protein, 3g carbohydrate, 68mg cholesterol and 637mg sodium.

Have this with a fresh salad and you are set for a tasty dinner!

Are 2 hours messing up your weight loss goals?

by:  Sarah


I am finding for our clients and me personally that 2 hours in your day can really hold back results.  We spend all this time and energy exercising, logging food, and meal planning to have progress slowed by a certain time of day.  For some it is the afternoon drag (3-5sih) and others it is the after dinner relaxing where we find our self mindlessly eating.   Before we know it we have eaten several hundred calories and are unsure why.    For me personally I pace in the kitchen.  I get up from doing something, open a cupboard and have a bite, go back to work, open the refrigerator and have a bite..and on and on it goes.   I have done some serious work to figure out why and want to share some things that work for me and maybe can for you too.

First you have to pay attention to your trends.  What time of day are you struggling?  When you realize stop and think “why an I eating”?   Am I bored, lonely, stressed, thirsty or has it just become a habit?  Try not only keeping a food journal, but journal what you are thinking or feeling when you are eating.  This way you can identify your triggers.  The more we understand about our-self the better we can equip ourselves to overcome this.  Once you know you can  come up with a plan of attack.  Busy yourself with something other than food.  Food does not fix the issue at hand and often makes us feel worse.


-Work with your hands.  Often food is used as a way to busy our hands.  How about be productive instead.  Pick a room and start cleaning(I know some of our boot campers have pretty clean houses right now), work on a project( I love to knit and work on crafty things), paint a room, or when the weather permits do some yard work.  One thing I know about our society is we don’t lack things to do to keep us busy.  If you are lacking a project then volunteer somewhere( church, salvation army, hospitals, carenet, crosswinds downtown).

-Recruit a friend.  Accountabilty is key for sucess.  Chances are they are struggling too and would like the accountablity as well.  Tell them your plan.  “Hey from 2-4 I am struggling being productive, this is my plan for this week…..”

-Do something for yourself.  Take a walk, read a good book, take a bath, paint your nails, call a friend, or snowshoe, etc.  Something you enjoy that you normally wont take the time to do.

-Brush your teeth.  This doesn’t work for me to be honest.  It isn’t that hard from me to brush them again:).  But for others this works.

-Drink some tea or water.  Often we think we are hungry but we are really thirsty. 

-Ask yourself am I really hungry.  You may be and then be all means go ahead and have a  snack.  Sit down and really eat one instead of piecing on this and that.  Chances are you will have far fewer calories then the several little bites that you convince yourself don’t count.

-Celebrate your victories.  Life is a journey and NO ONE is perfect.  Not even Jeremy, Bo or myself(shocking I know).  When you do succeed acknowlege it.   Don’t focus on two days ago.  We only have forward to go!


-Ask yourself “what am I craving”?  Is it crunchy, soft, hot, cold, spicy, sweet..etc.  Consider what your body needs to nourish it as well.  If we can understand what we want it will satisfy and you will be less likely to “munch mindlessly” later.  

-Learn the difference from physical and emotional hunger.  Many of us aren’t even sure what true hunger feels like anymore.  This is a process to get back in touch with our bodies.  There are several symptoms of physical hunger (headaches, irritable, growling in stomach, dizziness).  Find a level you are comfortable with from physical symptoms to eat and not by the clock, social settings or pressure from others.  Use a hunger scale 0-10 initially.  Zero is starving, get out of my way or going to eat my arm if I don’t get food fast, and 10 is I need to undo my pants and roll to the couch.  Find a range you are comfortable with.  I like to practice eating at  2-3( I feel my stomach rumble) and stop at 5-6(satisfied, could eat more but choose not too).

-Don’t deprive yourself of food you love,  just set boundaries.  I try to avoid putting too many rules on food.  I have not yet overcome the “difiant child syndrom”, you tell me no and I want it NOW!  No foods are off limits(unless they make you sick), this way you are more in control of food than it is of you.

-Set the table and fully engage in your food.  Feel it in your mouth, really taste it and then notice it in your stomach.  We need to reconnect our brains with our stomachs to really understand hunger and fullness.  Notice how the food makes you feel.  Have you ever taken a bite of something and broken out into a crazy happy dance with your silverware.  Well I have and turns out Jeremy has not.  He looked at me like I was on crack the first time he witnessed this.  This happy dance usually stops after the 3rd bite and this is a great place to stop.  Food doesn’t taste as good when you are reaching fullness so why waste the calories.  Don’t worry about the starving children in China.  Throw out the food and adopt a compassion child instead.  You loose weight and a child is fed..it’s a win win.

-Avoid eating in the car, in front of the tv, computer or while reading.  This really distracts us from noticing fullness.

I(Sarah) hope this is helpful.  Please respond with any ideas/tips that work for you.

Sports Conditioning Videos

What you can learn from Jack Lalanne STILL!

It had to happen eventually.  Jack Lalanne made it to 96 ACTIVE years old. 

Jack Lalanne at 71

He lived long but he also lived well.  As a personal trainer I certainly looked up to him.  Not only because he was the first, but because he was right!  Most of his teachings are still applicable today.  Some more today than ever.  I included a few in the bottom of this post that you MUST watch because they are 100% needed.  (do it to honor a great man)

Learn from Jack:

1.) Avoid refined sugar.

2.) Eat more protein.

3.) Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

4.) Exercise Vigorously

He was against sugar back in the 1950′s, and now its an even bigger problem than then!  (our over use of sugar is directly linked to our increase in obesity.  Later on came the low fat diets and low carb diets (Dr. Adkins didn’t make it to 96).  Those didn’t stand up because they didn’t emphasize what TO eat (fruits, vegetable, and protein).  Jack’s approach has stood the test of time. 

I had really wanted to meet Jack before he got called home, but I suppose that will have to wait.  It actually did make me sad to hear of his passing.  I hope we are able to help people in much the same way he has helped people.  He didn’t push any supplements and encouraged taking care of ourselves.  Watch these two short videos and tell me if you can see how inspiring and correct he is.  (Does it sound like some of the stuff I’ve been saying?) 

How do you think we are doing at helping?  Are we doing as good as Jack? (comment please and let us know)

Jack on the biggest problem we face

Motivation from Jack Lalanne – Let’s make a move to be healthier!

I plan on doing my best to carry the torch of fitness the best I can.  Thanks Jack.

Jeremy’s Favorite Abdominal Exercise

I made a quick video of my favorite abdominal exercise.  This is a pretty advanced exercise but I do share how to do it at a lower level. 

What do you think?  comments? (p.s. sorry about my hair, what was it doing?)

 <<Just included so there would be a picture on the page too.

10 minute follow along style workout Video

Your will power WILL fail you unless…

New Years…

…a time of big hairy audacious goals.


We set some Whoppers don’t we?  There is no doubt we can “wish” BIG. 

The only problem is we fall short and fail – give up and have to set another CRAZY goal next year. 

A quick story to illustrate…

Goal setting guru Zig Ziglar tells a story of a young man at one of his seminars.  Zig had described an opportunity which had apparently excited this young man.  He went up to Zig and told him his goal.  “I’m going to make a million dollars in the next year.”  Zig is not one to limit potential (and I am not either) but he could see this young man heading straight for discouragement.  It takes 12 months of $83,333 to make a million dollars in a year.  This particular opportunity would cost $25,000 to get started.  This young man did not have the money yet.  Even if it only took him one month to raise $25,000 (that he hadn’t been able to do yet).  He would now have to make $141,666 the next month to get back on track.  It takes time to ramp up in business so he would be getting further behind and somewhere between $250,00 behind and $500,000 behind he is bound to get discouraged. 

Have you ever done this in your goals?

Have you ever set a weight loss goal of trying to lose 20 pounds in the 4-weeks before a wedding?  Or to NEVER eat your favorite treat ever again?

Goals that are too big for our Will Power can crush us easy.  It’s like trying to pick up a fallen redwood when all you’ve ever picked up before is a stick in the back yard. 

Will Power (and personal belief) is like a muscle.  If you came in for your first workout and we had you lift the weights WE can lift after years of training you will surely get and injury or just not even be able to budge the weight. 


Your muscles haven’t been built up yet.  You have to start at a lower level and strengthen the muscles where they are currently at. 

Make it a small goal first.  Achieve it.  And then set another.  Slowly building your confidence and training yourself to delay gratification.  If there are doughnuts in the break room you might set a rule that if you walk past them 3x and still want it, you can have it.  (for some not eating it on the first pass will be an extreme test of the will power). 

Does this sound silly to you?

Think of yourself as still developing your will power and confidence like a child grows in ability.  You would not call a child a failure because they crawl before they walk or don’t score a goal in their first soccer game.  (at least I hope you wouldn’t, that’s just MEAN!)

Sometime we are that MEAN to ourselves.  You need to allow for yourself to be human also.  You WILL make mistakes.  You WILL fail.  It’s what you do after that, that really matters.  Do you give up?  Or do you pick yourself up learn from it and keep moving?

Your Will Power will ALWAYS be WEAK!!!

I’m serious.  If you are going to rely only on strength of will to avoid over eating or to begin an exercise routine, you will fail often. 

I cannot count on my own will power to stop me ALL the time.  It’s time to be really honest with ourselves.  I’ve been through enough moments to realize will power is not my strongest muscle.  (secret – it’s probably not your strongest either).  If I hang around people who eat candy all the time (especially the sour ones, or starburst, or something caramely) I will eventually have some of it in my belly.

All is not lost though…

You can PLAN around your will power.  I make it a point to avoid the bulk candy section personally.  (there are many other things I do to trick myself also).  I have to make a plan ahead of time to give my will power a fighting chance.

  • Maybe it’s eat before an event. 
  • Maybe you chew gum at a cookie exchange :o )
  • Maybe you eat the right foods and the right amounts for 3 days knowing that you can have a treat on the 4th day. 
  • Maybe you are like me and it’s out of sight out of mind, so you avoid walking down the DANGEROUS aisles at the store. 
  • Or you hangout with people who are also trying to lose weight and be healthy by attending a fitness boot camp at tall trainer fitness systems.  ;o)  (I had to say it)

Whatever you do this new years.  Make a plan.  Make small incremental goals, don’t try to make a million dollars before you make $1.  Build your confidence and hang out with people you want to be like. 

If you do want to start a program with us contact us soon.  Spots fill up fast.  www.talltrainer.com (application at the bottom of the page)


Please tell me your goals and plans to get there.  Do you need any advice?  Ask me below in the comments. 


P.S. I had a conversation with a friend of yours that you should be spending less time with.  And some awesome tips to help you be successful.  (video below)

Don’t forget to comment your goals or questions!  I will answer them if you have them!

Save $162,512 dollars By doing Boot Camp for a year!

I came across a study I had to share with you. 

 The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services’ Department of Health Policy, released a report on the individual costs of obesity.  These are the costs directly on the obese person and not the societal total cost.  This is what they found.

The authors concluded that the individual cost of being obese is $4,879 and $2,646 for women and men respectively, and adding the value of lost life to these annual costs produces even more dramatic results: $8,365 and $6,518 annually for women and men, respectively.  http://www.gwumc.edu/newsevents/firsteverreportontheindividualcostofobesityunveiled


Female – $4,879 – $8,365

Male – $2,646 – $6,518


This means if you are a female and spend 20 years obese it could cost you as much as -


They got these numbers by comparing obese people (>30 BMI) to overweight people (25-30 BMI).  They didn’t even compare to people at their ideal weight.  I am sure there is even more difference there. 


Can you afford to buy better quality food?????????


ABSOLUTELY, your food bill won’t go up 350+ per month just with some healthy food.  (in fact, food bills can go down if you don’t eat some of the highly processed and high calorie stuff, plus cut back on dining out)


Can you afford BOOT CAMP (only $399 for our premier 5-day a week program)????????


Absolutely, you can afford to take care of yourself.  It’s not even CLOSE to the amount obesity will cost you in one YEAR!  If you learn how to lose weight and keep it off, you could save hundreds of thousands of dollars!  Even if you stayed in boot camp for a full year it would cost $4,788 to become no longer Obese (if you stayed in boot camp 1 year you would lose between 50-100 pounds).  Figuring in 20 years of staying that way and you save $162,512 dollars!  THAT’S WHAT I CALL AN INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY!!!!  No investment in the stock market will ever give you that kind of return, EVER!

What Does Obesity Look Like?

Obese doesn’t mean 500 pounds and can’t get out of bed.  There is about 1/3 the population of America that is Obese.  That’s 1/3 of the people you work with, 1/3 of the people at church, and 1/3 of the people in the grocery store. 

“But, I don’t see that many HUGE people at these places.”

I know.

Obese doesn’t look as big to us anymore.  Now you have to be level III Obese before people will notice.   

These people in the picture here are obese.  They would have a BMI (Body Mass Index) above 30.  These are the body types that could save thousands by dropping 30-50 pounds!

And, this post isn’t even about how GOOD you feel or how happier you are, it’s only the money. 

I get a little fired up when I start talking about this stuff and I apologize.  It’s just that, I’ve seen what Boot Camp can do, and now we can the size of the problem!  I’ve seen so many people lose weight, feel great, claim to feel 10 or even 20 years younger.  I want that to happen for as many people as possible. 

If you have 30-50 pounds to lose, we want to help.  We have had many people start off at over 300 pounds and even over 400 pounds.  If they can do it, you can too. 

CONTACT US – to get a spot in our January Boot Camps.  They fill up fast.  I would say we have only about 10 open spots available for boot camp in January.  Get on the list and make an investment that REALLY pays off.

My “Rocky” Thanksgiving Workout

There are no limits to WHEN or WHERE you can exercise. 

This Workout is a good example. 

We were at Sarah’s Parents for Thanksgiving day.  Sarah spent the night and I got there real early the next day (7 am).  By the time I got there Sarah had already completed an impromptu workout so I got going on mine. 

My Father in law (Bill). 

He is a big teddy bear kind of guy, BUT is built like an actual bear.  He could tear me limb from limb (my motivation to not make him mad).  He is a hard working man.  On top of heating the house by wood (chopping and splitting tons of wood.  He has also taken on another HEAVY project.) 

He is building an incredible Rock Wall in front of their house.  It’s going to help them level the yard more (and make more places for Stella to poop!) 

We had talked about how lifting those Rocks is quite a workout!  So I decided to use one for my Thanksgiving Workout. 

I picked a good one.  Guestimating it to be about 60 pounds of large awkward weight. 

Here is what I did. 

Warm-up: Jogged Around (selected the proper rock and moved it into the garage – it was cold out) 

Rock Tap Back:


This one was good and challenging.  With the awkward 60+ pounds my arms and upper back got some work just holding it.  I had to make sure my posture stayed solid or this one could have hurt the low back.  I did about 10 on each side and was super tired after working almost every muscle I had at the same time.  (2 sets)

Rock Overhead Press:


I didn’t do very many of these but the few I did kicked my butt.  My arms just quit working pretty quick.  I had to keep the abs super tight and fight the urge to want to lean back.  I could have done more with bad form which probably would have left me in bed for the rest of the day.  Exercise Tip: NEVER compromise form to get extra repetitions.  It’s just not worth it in the long run.  I touched the ceiling with the rock nearly 10x and then did some halfway presses with the little energy I had left. 

Rock Squat:


This one felt REALLY good.  Stretched out my tight hips well.  Had to make sure my back stayed straight and that I was keeping my chest up as much as possible.  The wide stance made my hips really stretch and work while the rock made it impossible for my knees to go in.  I did 10x and 4 sets.  If you do this wrong though.  OUCH.  Your back could get destroyed.  Posture is ALWAYS key. 

Incline Ultra Wide Push-ups:


Feet on Rock to lean a little extra weight onto my upper body.  Hands Super Wide.  The super wide makes this exercise more like a chest fly.  Basically it works the chest and upper back more than it works the Triceps.  Locking in the Abs to keep the back safe AND get some abdominal work at the same time.  If you do a push-up right you should be able to feel your Abs working.  I did about 4 sets of 20 I think.

Triceps Elevated Push-ups:


This allows for a hand position to be a little more wrist friendly than just doing them on the ground.  Elbows locked to sides.  Again abs sucked in as hard as possible.  I did as many as I could and then did about 5 more from my knees!  At this point I was getting pretty tired.  On the last set I got stuck to the top of the rock, my arms didn’t have the strength to get me off.  (similar to push-ups I think I did 4 sets of 15-20)


I got a really great workout in and I wasn’t even home.  (in between the exercises I did some stretching too).  I got a little dirty from the rock but that’s what washing mashines are for.  :o )  It was fun and I felt tough AND I felt even more like I earned the food I was about to eat. 

And Boy oh Boy did I EAT!!!

I hope you did too.  Now today.  It’s back on the plan to keep the body healthy, strong, and lean. 

Have Fun, Be Safe.  (leave comments, what do you think?)

Gratitude = More to be grateful for


What Are You Thankful For?

Gratitude is a big part of the thanksgiving holiday.  (that and eating until it hurts)  And don’t think I won’t.  We suggest no one “DIET” on thanksgiving day.  Enjoy relax and eat all your favorite food.  Just get back on track on Friday and it won’t hurt your results.   

I have a thanksgiving tradition (besides being uncomfortably full), every year (and hopefully other times a year too) I like to sit and think about all the people who have helped me out this year.  I find the more I practice being grateful the more things I have to be grateful for and the happier I am with life in general.   

I think you should try this too.   

Here is my list  

(it is probably not complete and not necessarily in order but all people I am thankful for) P.S. I know the first two are exactly where they should be  

People I am Grateful for:

#1 – I can’t start gratitude without first thanking my creator who planned me before I was born.  I have Him to thank for my body, humor, care for others, strength of will, education, circumstances, and every other person on this page.   

#2 – Sarah -  


My beautiful wife and partner in all things.   

I know for a fact people don’t understand all she does for the training business.  (I think she puts more hours in than I do) (she even picked out Bo as the trainer we should hire) .  Pretty much every wise decision I’ve made in the last year was at least 50% hers (if not more).  It could never have been like this without her.  I am very thankful to have her to come home with every night.  Business success is wonderful but Sarah makes me feel life success.   

#3 – Parents -  


They played a big role in making me who I am.  You all have my dad to blame for the center of attention, loud laugh (and loud mouth in general), my passion for speaking, and my AMAZING sense of humor.  My mom is more responsible for my deep concern for other people and desire to help (sometimes at the cost of myself).  They let me move in with them over 4 years ago and live for a year while I started my business.  (rent free might I ad).  They have a FREE spot in boot camp anytime they want it.  (I think that’s fair).  

#4 – Bo -  


Ok, so this is Ed Norton and not Bo, but people tell him he looks like him sometimes.  I can see it, only I’ve never seen Bo’s eyes do anything but smile.  (I’ve never seen that look on Bo, and never want to with his knife throwing skills and all)  


This is Bo with a couple of his Body Guards.   

I’m really thankful to Bo for helping with the evening classes.  This has allowed me to have more of a “life” with Sarah, and I am SOOO thankful for the extra time to spend with her (and sometimes we aren’t even doing any work!!)  Bo has jumped in and done and awesome job.  We couldn’t have found a better trainer to help if we spent the rest of our lives.  I really enjoy talking exercise and nutrition and even life in general.  Thanks Bo.   

# 5 – YOU!  


You who are reading this right now.  You might be a client or even just someone who keeps up with what we are doing.  I certainly appreciate all of our clients.  If not for you there would be no Business.  Helping people doesn’t workout well if there are no people around to help!  Not only that but your energy in the workouts, your successes dropping weight and feeling better, and your appreciation of our efforts to help make it awesome to work with you.  If you aren’t a client I still want to thank you for having an interest in us.  Maybe your family or friends but even if you aren’t we are thankful for you too.  It’s people like you who are spreading the word about us and allowing us to help and work with more and more people who are serious about losing weight and feeling better.   

# 6 – Siblings  

Brother Andrew


(I tried to put an easy label on this one but of course, Christin Defies labelling.)

I grew up with them.  Wait, Let me re-phrase that.  We got older while living in the same place.  I’m not sure we are the best examples of “grown ups”.  Whenever I start taking myself too seriously, they are there to keep me grounded.  Thanks sibs!

#7 – Church Family -

www.crosswindsonline.org  We attend the crosswinds church.  This is a big part of keeping my focus in the right place.  (sometimes I’m off and it helps to have motivating and instructing people to keep me on)  I’m very thankful for the people there.  From Pastors, to ushers, and small groups.  It’s great being a part of a community that has similar beliefs and cares about living to please Him.

#8 Bryan and Christin -


Our crazy friends that are away this year doing cool mission work.  We have benefited so much from your friendship.  We can’t wait to sit down with you two again and have a “serious, no holds barred” talk.  I can’t wait to get that time capsule. 


People that make the business thing easier:

Bookkeeper -  


Lynn Moran of Red 2 Black Bookkeeping Service – www.r2bbs.net.  You all see how well I spell.  Well, I’m even WORSE with the books.  Lynn makes it easy and stops me from hyperventilating under a mountain of data!  

Accountant - 

Russ Barone CPA of Barone and Siciliano in Canandaigua, NY.  394-0166.  Me and Taxes are like mixing oil and water.  We just don’t mix.  Russ helps me to make sure the business can stay open and playing by “the rules” - I still don’t know the rules, but Russ does so I listen.  

A/V Guy - 

Nick @ Image Audio and Video.  Local video guy.  He’s the guy to hang your flat screen or build your home theater.  www.imageaudioonline.com  I fancy myself pretty good with audio and video stuff but there is a time when I just want it done right.  Nick is the guy I call.  Thanks for the help.  

Print Guy - 


Dan Hebert @ printing plus.  http://rochesterprintingplus.com/ He’s a little out of the way, but treats me like a VIP client.  He has never missed a deadline (and I’ve given him some crazy ones).  It was partially his idea for the thanksgiving picture above.  Thanks Dan.  

Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce and Merchants Association - 

I’m thankful for all the helpful people.  I feel particularly helped by Don and Scott @ Wick-edly Scent, downtown Canandaigua, NY.  www.escentedcandle.comThey keep me informed on what’s going on and supply the great smelling soaps in the bathroom at the studio.  I also need to thank particularly – Penelope @ F Olivers downtown Canandaigua.  www.folivers.comShe help us with our yearly client appreciation gift (delux balsamic vinegar) 

Last but certainly not least: 

Stella - 


(ok so she’s not a person, though there are Dog owners who would argue that point)  The dog that greats me so excitedly when I get home.  The dog that is currently sitting in the office with me looking out the window.  The dog that brings so much joy to Sarah (ok, ok, she brings joy to me too) She is fun.  I’m thankful for Stella and a little glimpse of what unconditional love is.  

I hope you have some time to make a list of your own over this thanksgiving weekend.  

I Thank You All

I couldn’t be where I am today without you!  Have Fun, Be Safe!